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JUJU HORSESHOE in Sterling Silver

JUJU HORSESHOE in Sterling Silver

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The lucky horseshoe has been an Irish totem of good fortune and protection since the 16th century. They were originally hung to keep iron-fearing fairies and goblins away from homes. Today they are universally understood to symbolize good luck and in our world, GOOD JuJu.


  • Charm only, add a chain
  • Horseshoe has the words Good JuJu etched on the front of the shoe
  • Measures approx. .8" tall x .7" wide at the base
  • Available in 14K gold-plated, sterling silver or solid 14K gold
  • Solid 14K gold is made to order, please allow 2 weeks for delivery
  • Add some extra JuJu to your jangle with a symbolic crystal or JuJu Ring  
  • Ships with a story card detailing the significance of the charm
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