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Myles Price

SS Crew Neck MiniJersey Tee

SS Crew Neck MiniJersey Tee

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  • 100% Supima Cotton
  • Fabric Knit is Los Angeles, California
  • Made in Los Angeles, California

About the Brand

Myles Price creates minimalist pieces from premium fabrics developed exclusively with local mills in Los Angeles. A New Yorker at heart who made his home in Los Angeles, he brings his deep experience as a visual artist to bear his approach in fashion design. Each garment is designed for superb fit and utilizes an understated yet subtly beautiful color palette. Each collection captures East Coast refinement and West Coast relaxed sophistication.

All Myles Price pieces have been grown, spun, and knit in the United States and every aspect of production occurs at family-owned factories in Downtown LA. He's committed to the integrity of each garment and to the ecological impacts of their production.

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